About Nick Rakhshani

I started my career as an electrical engineer in the semiconductor industry. That was at a time when U.S. was still big in chip manufacturing with lots of factories.

soon after I realized it’s more interesting and rewarding to be in sales and marketing. Within a few months I had a “talk” with my mentor. He gave me a strange look as if I was out of my mind. He asked why would an engineer be interested in sales??

Obviously he had a perspective challenge.

Fast forward to now and I work with businesses, entrepreneurs, sales and marketing folks to help them develop and implement high converting sales and marketing initiatives that help solve 7 and 8 figure sales problems.

But instead of talking about myself, It’s probably a lot more interesting to talk about what we can help you accomplish in your business.

The idea for hyper funnels came about after seeing how many of the companies that I worked with struggled with building sales pipelines, generating leads, and getting truly exceptional results.

The vision for hyper funnels is to empower individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs overcome the challenges of building scalable sales funnels. 

We live in a culture that seems to be obsessed with tools, software, plugins, and technology. Even though I love these things, they are not the real answer to crushing your sales. Yes they’re useful but we need more than just tools.

My goal is to teach the 4 building blocks of hyper converting sales funnels to anyone that wants to win more sales and run a successful business. That’s what we’re all about, to help you win more.

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