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Create Your Sales Roadmap - Hyper Funnels


Your Guide to High Converting Sales Funnels

Okay so we are using the term sales roadmap, but this can easily be a marketing roadmap or for that matter any roadmap that shows decision points in winning sales. 

We have created a simple framework that anyone can start using to generate more sales. This framework has scalability and more predictability built in.

Whether you’re in business or planning of starting a business, Hyper Funnels can make a significant impact in your sales. At the core of what we teach is creating your roadmap.  It is the FIRST step in building high converting sales funnels and in this post I want to give you a real quick overview it. 

We differentiate a Hyper Converting Funnel from any other average sales funnel based on results it produces. The biggest difference is high conversion rates and higher sales. So fasten your seatbelt and let’s go on a quick journey of learning what it takes to create amazing results.

Start With Your Roadmap

Aside from being a firm believer in creating scalable and more predictable funnels and sales  pipelines, I’m also a strong advocate of things that are practical. That means whatever I learn must be applicable to everyday life. In the same way, this framework is designed to be practical. What you learn here is something that you can start applying to your sales and marketing funnels TODAY.

We’re going to start the journey with creating a roadmap first.

Why do we start with a roadmap?

Think of it, without a roadmap we’re often lost. We end up going from one thing to next. And that leads to more frustration, more lost resources, and possibly even failure.

Well, nobody wants that, so that’s why we start with roadmap first. A roadmap shows us we’re on the right path to reach our goals. A roadmap is the implementation of the strategy for how to win more customers. 

Roadmao is also a tool that helps you make sure you’re not deviating from your original goal.

In Hyper Funnels we build turn-by-turn directions for your sales and marketing funnel. This is one of the key elements of creating high converting sales funnels. We have a unique process to build turn-by-turn directions for more predictability and scalability. 

BUT if you’re just starting, don’t worry about creating a detailed roadmap yet. Try to start by maping your key decision points first and then add detailed additional steps. 

What's a Sales Roadmap?

A funnel roadmap is a path that shows you how to get from point A to point B. Specifically a path to more sales. It can start with the first interaction that a prospect has with your business and end when they become a customer. 

You can have a different roadmap for upselling to existing customers. If you have different product categories, you can have separate roadmaps for each category.  

Just remember that in the crazy world of business there are many paths to sales, but which one is the right path for YOU? The challenge  is choosing the path that is scalable and more predictable in generating sales. 

In reality, there are only a FEW PATHS THAT ACTUALLY WORK! You need to choose a path that works best for your business. 


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Ideas for Your Sales Roadmap

  • Use pen and paper to draw your roadmap
  • Define your start point
  • Define your end point
  • Add major decision points between start and end points

Roadmap Features:

> It’s made up of decision points 

> Shows a clear path to sales 

> Has a starting and ending point

> Is in alignment with your strategy

A Roadmap IS NOT:

> A guarantee of success

> Copy of someone else’s roadmap

> Random collection of milestones

> A HOW TO instruction sheet


Enroll in My FREE 5 Lesson Email Course

When it comes to sales, many entrepreneurs, business owners, and salespeople struggle with creating scalable, predictable sales pipelines.  

Knowing where to start or how to generate more sales can mean the difference between winning and losing. 

The tools and the tech can make the process even harder!, The software, CRMs, marketing automation, advertising, the list goes on and on…..

If you feel intimidated or frustrated by the idea of creating marketing videos, whitepapers, lead magnets, competitive benchmarks,… you’re NOT ALONE! No one really enjoys all this extra work especially if we’re not sure it’ll even produce results.

So I’ve created a 4 step process that dramatically simplifies your sales and marketing job, and shows you a STEP-BY-STEP process how to win more sales in less time. A roadmap is your GPS system to find, qualify, and engage with opportunities to generate more sales. 

When you enroll in my FREE 5 lesson high ticket sales funnel training, you’ll learn the 4 key elements that can help you multiply sales. You’ll learn how these 4 elements interact to create a massive advantage for you. And you’ll use specific tactics to create YOUR 6 and 7 figure sales funnels.