Hyper Funnel Framework

What is hyper funnels?


Have you ever had that sinking feeling that you may not meet your sales revenue goals?

You know what I’m talking about. Selling is a high pressure job and often unpredictable no matter how good you are. At the end of the day, your success is measured by your sales numbers. And your numbers are dependent on your activity, skills, ability, your offer, and few other things.

Regardless of skills and ability, It’s hard to reach success when there’s no effective sales roadmap. Without a roadmap success becomes a matter of luck. And not just any plan, but one that’s in alignment with your customer journey.

The framework we teach is about creating high converting sales roadmaps that can crush your sales. We teach you how to build scalability and predictability into your pipelines.

It’s a simple 4 step framework for building turn by turn directions that can multiply your sales.

Our vision is to empower you to sell more, and have more time left to enjoy the good things in life. Instead of being stressed over making your numbers, you’re confident and excited in closing more sales.


How is hyper funnels different?


You maybe wondering how is this program different than all those other “6-figure” sales funnels that you often see on the internet claiming they are going to 10X your sales. There are 7 reasons why this framework is different:

1) In hyper funnels we show you how to create a roadmap with turn by turn directions for your sales funnel so you don’t have to wonder what is the next step.

2) It’s the only program that we know of that is designed specifically to address the challenges of high ticket sales in a broad spectrum of industries.

3) We teach you what you need to do from the very first interaction with your prospect to the point they become happy customers in 4 simple steps.

4) Others want to talk about and sell you on things like copywriting, CRMs, Facebook ads, SEO, …… And by doing that they are teaching you website funnels. We talk about your business as a whole and what you need to do to supercharge your sales without trying to sell you “tech”.  

5) We teach you a roadmap for creating many different types of high ticket funnels because the fact is there are so many.

6) Others talk about internet marketing as if it’s the ONLY way to generate leads, we talk about comprehensive lead generation tactics that match your business, your offer, and your selling style.

7) We have more than 30+ years of hands experience in business, sales, and marketing. Working with both small and multinational organizations, we understand the challenges of sales and marketing funnels. Hyper funnels is based on ‘real’ high ticket products and services that range from a few thousand to over $300K.

Hyper funnels teaches you a roadmap that is scalable and consistent.

If you’re a service provider, consultant or a business owner, you know generating a predictable flow of leads can be a big challenge. You work really hard to get leads. But then you get busy with client or customer projects  and you fall behind in prospecting.

So there’s a constant battle between either having too much work or not enough work. Trading your time for money is not a scalable solution. You need a funnel that helps create consistent and predictable opportunities. Hyper funnels not only helps you make more money but saves you from headaches and time wasters.

In this program we’re going to teach you a simple 4 step framework to help you build salable and consistent 6-figure sales funnels

And not just teach you the framework but also HOW to create a working sales funnel that is a good fit for your business.

You can access Hyper funnels training through our membership program


The Basic Plan offers online video lessons and walks you through the 4 steps of creating your high converting high ticket sales funnel.

Gold Plan offers everything that the Basic Plan offers plus group coaching to help you achieve your sales goals. We help you every step of the way to create your 6-figure hyper funnel.

4 steps to 6-figure high ticket sales funnels

6-figure sales funnel 

4 steps dedicated completely to you building a hyper funnel for your high ticket product or service that’s going to generate cash and not kill your schedule.

But not just that, the format of the program is unique. Not only I’m teaching you everything that I teach my clients about how to scale and grow their business, I’m also going to teach how to make it work for your business. I’m going to deep dive on specific topics that are very important in order for you to execute what we’re going to talk about.

Step 1: We’re going to focus solely on what it will take to create a roadmap for your funnel. What decision points your customers take before purchase. We’ll learn how those decision points impact your sales funnel and revenue.

Step 2: Here we’re going to talk about positioning your offer so it stands out from the competition. We’ll go through specific exercises to identify your benefit advantages.  You’ll learn  exactly what you need to do to engage your opportunities so you win more deals.

Step 3: You’ll identify and choose your top sources of engagement and attraction. I’m going to show your what marketing hooks to use to attract customers into your funnel. You’ll learn how to choose your lead sources, both paid and organic traffic, and how to go about identifying your best prospects.

Step 4: You’ll learn how to build and run your hyper funnel. I’m going to walk you through the EXACT steps I teach my clients. You’ll learn about which tech tools can actually help deliver results for YOU. We’ll deep dive into clever automation tools that can multiply your sales. This is a hands on step where you’ll build your high ticket lead generation machine.

As with any high impact results based program, skills alone will only get you so far. And that’s why my program combines virtual training to build skills with accountability and mentorship to deliver real results.


$1.5 Million in 12 months

Take one of my high ticket clients. It’s a simple funnel.

The funnel has 3 lead generation sources. Average offer is about $150,000. Average time to close is about 4 months.

This funnel can be managed from anywhere with internet access. There’s no huge product launches and NO PAID ADS! It starts with a simple hyper funnel that’s tuned to produce EXACTLY the results the client wants.

And it has delivered DOUBLE DIGIT sales growth every year for the past 3 years.